microsoft 2016 exchange server cumulative updates failing

nigelbeatson used Ask the Experts™
we have a windows 2016 vm which is our exchange 2016 server.

we are trying to install the cumulative update for 2019-06, which installs in the first instance, but when we restart the server, as required, we are told that it could not be installed and is removed. the server is then restarted, and we see that the update did fail.

i notice that this has being happening for the past 4 cumulative updates, although several smaller updates like stack updates etc install ok.

i have tried downloading the kb manually and installing, but again thus too fails.

can anyone advise how we can resolve this issue, so that we can get the cumulative updates installing again?

any advice much appreciated.

many thanks
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Messaging and Collaboration Technical Lead (Exchange MVP)
Hi, if you get the KB number you can then download the full 1.2GB+ file from the windows catalog and update it that way as well from an elevated prompt.


ok thanks. i did download the file, and installed it by doubleclicking it. this did fail.

i have not installed from an elevated command prompt. could this help over just running the download?

Is there anything else running on that VM?
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many thanks to all. for some reason the elevated command prompt seem to allow the large cumulative update to install ok.

am i the only one that spends many hours in trying to get various servers upto date with ms updates? the fact they take so long to download, then prepare, then install, then preparation when restarting, then getting windows ready on restart. it can take literally hours! and then when they fail, it takes another age to roll them back and restart!

they drive me crazy, maybe it is just me??

many thanks
Edward van BiljonMessaging and Collaboration Technical Lead (Exchange MVP)

Elevated means it runs with admin rights. maybe you have something restricting it on the server, GPO or AV or anything really as each server is different.
I agree, Nigel.  Particularly the Exchange updates since each cumulative update actually runs through the complete install process for the Exchange server software.  It seems to me that they take at least 5 times as long as the old Exchange 2010 rollups!!

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