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Roger Alcindor
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I have just purchased QuickReport 6.0 Professional and can't get it to compile. to illustrate this I have created a trivial application as follows:
The missing file that appears to be missing is QuickRp.h  (NOT QuickRp.hpp)
I have contacted QBS software for support and they are experiencing the same problem and haven't come up with a solution so far after three days.,
any help would be appreciated.

I have a simple Form (Windows VCL 32bit application) with a TQuickRep control placed on the form and a TQRBand.
The header file of the project is as follows:
class TForm1 : public TForm
__published:     // IDE-managed Components
                TQuickRep *QuickRep1;
                TQRBand *QRBand1;
private:                // User declarations
public:                   // User declarations
                __fastcall TForm1(TComponent* Owner);
The first attempt to use it with Embarcadero C++ builder XE 10.1 Berlin gives an error messages when I attempt to save the project prior to compilation:
“Unable to find header file for component: QuickRpt”
Pressing cancel results in the same error message being displayed 6 times in total.
The code doesn’t compile as the header files are missing and the compiler error “Type name expected” is given (naturally)
The installation ran without any errors using the downloaded file QuickReportv6QR6DXE10_1_Berlin_W64_installer.exe
The PC is a Dell Precision laptop running 64 bit windows 7 Professional with 108 GB of free disk space and 32 GB of RAM.
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I have solved the issue in my C++ builder 10.1 Berlin setup as follows:
In C++ Compiler options, under Diretories and Conditionals, Add the following to the Include file search paths

C:\Program Files (x86)\QuickReport\QR6-RAD-10-1-Berlin\win32\debug

The compiler will add the following header file when the quickeport component is added to a form;
#include "QuickRpt.hpp"
After this line, add the following statement:

using namespace Quickrpt;

The code now compiles.
I would be interested infinding C== builder examples of using Quick report charts.

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