datasheet subform not allowing to edit/add new records to existing form/new forms

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I have main form WorkOrder which user can select 1xlga, 1xworkordertype etc which are bounded to different tables.
this main form is having continuous subform payitem which means 1xworkorder can have multiple payitems
Now user wants to have more LGA, workordertypes for each workorder which in turn have payitems for each LGA
as we can't have nested continous forms so i thought to go with datasheet type
main form - workorder(single view)
subform - LGA, workordertype etc(datasheet view)
subsubform - payitems(continuous form view)

but when i tried this way datasheet view form not allowing me to add new LGA, workordertype etc in the form but i can add payitems in continuous form
NOTE:I am modifying these changes for existing main form - workorder with LGA, workorder type
subform- payitem continous form

As per my knowledge i am going with this design so is there anyother way i can implement the same so that existing workorder details should also get replicated with these changes but just they show that they have only 1xLGA, workordertype with many payitems in the workorder

please let me know if my question is not clear enough so .i can explain more clearly
thank you for your time
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First - are all of the forms updateable when run by themselves (i.e. NOT as a subform)? If they aren't, you'd have to fix that first.

Next, when you embed one form in another you must be sure that the Master/Child link fields are set correctly. These are properties of the Subform Control.

Finally: We have no idea what an "LGA" is, so don't use those types of words unless you provide us with a definition.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

If you cannot add/edit/delete then simply the underlying recordset is not updatable.
A very simple example
Create a new table and just add some rows. preferably numeric.
As you can see in the table view but also along in any other form you can do anything like adding..updating.. deleting..just set it as Recordset for a form
Now drag this particular table to query designer and perform aggregation to a column(s)..observe now that the updating ability is gone..


thank you for your reply
yes i can't edit because i figured that my query is having sub select query
so i removed that select query and it's working fine
i can't edit because i figured that my query is having sub select query
so i removed that select query and it's working fine

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