Is PAAS best for low cost migration to the Azure cloud

Robert Knap
Robert Knap used Ask the Experts™
Is PaaS the best solution for migrating 3 tier application into the the cloud??
We need to keep cost down and be able to host testing environments for developers and be able to update test and deploy changes multiple times per day even during peak hours with good rollback plan if something goes wrong
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Kevin StockmarSr. Network Engineer

PaaS would address your needs, but the overall answer would be that it really depends on your workloads that will be migrating to the cloud and what is best for your business.

With regards to the cost, it would depend on how many different PaaS solutions that you will be taking advantage of within AWS. Are you only doing serverless compute with a very low, infrequent execution times? Or are you going to have an incredibly complex solution that interweaves multiple PaaS solutions across multiples regions?

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