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Hello expert,

Have an Excel spreadsheet on complex project called 'SFTP'.
Excel spreadsheet has a ton of detail on project
but there is so much info that it is hard to see where one
customer is in the SFTP set up process.

So created a Visio that details the process and then
inserted the customers showing where the
customers were in the process, attached.

It would be great if clicking on the Visio customer
node would take the user to the line in Excel
for that customer.

Have tried a couple of online tutorials about how to
link Visio to Excel.

But this and others like it explain how to link a Visio
shape to Excel data. All that is required for this project
is to link a Visio shape or text to a row or cell in Excel.

Is this possible?

A link has been created in the past using JavaScript
to create a hot spot on a GIF in an HTML file
that links to another HTML file.

But I was hoping that Microsoft had integrated
there apps enough to go between Visio and Excel


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