Leaflet.js equivalent of Google Map Satellite View in Angular or Javascript

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I am using Leaflet.js , OpenStreetMap & Angular to display a map. Does anyone know how to implement the equivalent of Google Map Satellite View on this using a free library or plugin ?

 Thanks in advance.
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If i check the official site from OSM and check the layers, there are the following:
- Standard
- Cycle Map
- Transport Map
- Humanitarian
but i couldn't find any satellite map or layer .

After some search on the internet I found out, that you can use MapBox .

Mapbox Satellite uses global satellite and aerial imagery from commercial providers, NASA, and USGS. As cities grow and landscapes change, we add newer, clearer, and more attractive imagery.

Molnár IstvánHelpDesk / Programmer

here are some alternatives with satellite view:

Using leaflet you have to choose map provider so instead of using OSM you can use Mapbox.

I'm using mapbox with satellite  https://www.mapbox.com/maps/satellite/

You may want to check this leaflet plugin this work with NASA  https://github.com/aparshin/leaflet-GIBS

Let me know if you need help to set it.
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Thanks for all your suggestions, however the decision was taken for us to use Google Maps.

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