Curly cord restraining device for Andiod cell phones

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Say, a cell phone needs to be secured to ensure that it remains tethered to a desk. It is to be used by a senior citizen who has some memory loss. The tethering device should have the following criteria: 1. not impede the use of the phone 2. preferably have a curly cord to allow for the user to bring the phone closer to them as needed  3. have a +-45 degree holder for the cell phone to be mounted on during use. The primary function is for Skype and Video chat and viewing pictures on the phone. The user is not expected to actually use the phone much. 4. the device should be obtainable either via mail order or at an outlet in South Africa. 5. this is merely a restraining cord to be attached to the device to the cellphone to keep it at the desk where it would be used.
Cost of the device is also a factor.
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Neck straps are less expensive than leashes but tether cords  do exist


PS an additional requirement is that the restraining cord cannot be easy removed from the device. It must act as a basic security device so that no one can just walk off with the phone.

It need not have a long teether.

Its basically what is used in cell phone stores to secure the devices in the store
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Hi shaun,

I wasn't able to find a direct way to buy the stand they have the cell phone stores, but have any idea that may provide what you need.

Would attaching a stand like this one to a table be an option? Then you can use a case with an attached retractable cord like this one and loop the cord around the it cannot be removed from the stand.

I'll keep looking into this as well, but let me know if this is along the lines of what you were thinking.
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I also was able to find some items on Ebay that should fit the bill for you. I have not used them and they seem to only secure the phone with adhesive tape, so it will depend on how much your client will attempt to remove the phone if this works for you.

You can look for other types of similar stands by searching for "Anti-theft Mobile Phone Display Stand" to look for one at a reasonable price that will ship to your location.

Hope this helps!

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