SSRS subreport does not render after deploying the report.

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SSRS subreport does not display properly after deployment.

I've developed (modified actually) a report in SSRS (via Visual Studio).  The report and subreports display properly in the VS report designer, but after I deploy the reports, the main report deploys properly but the two subreports fail to render.

Any ideas?
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"SSRS subreport does not display properly after deployment."
Assuming the above is happening via the browser report URL - have you done both "Build" and "Deploy"?
Did you checked the "Target Server URL" under the Project Properties to make sure is deployed where expected and does the login you used to make the changes/deploy have "Publish" permissions in SSRS?
Assuming the reports are deployed on, and rendered by SSRS server; I suspect the report-cache is not removing the old subreports:
  1. Browse to your subreports on the SSRS server
  2. Delete the subreports from the SSRS server
  3. Re-Deploy the subreports from Visual-Studio
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Thanks,  this was part of the issue, but I also needed to change the path to the subreport in the main reports design view.

Right click on the subreport in design view, select sub-report properties, and include the full path to the subreport on the report server.

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