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I'm in a bind.  I had to reboot my switches connected to my VMWare and I've lost my NAS.  No matter what I try I can't get the NAS back on 2 servers.  I'm using 6.0 It sees the ISCSI adapter it just will not bind.
Enclosed are picturesbind 123.png4.png
I'm at my witts end.  Please someone help me figure out what's wrong.
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE Fellow)VMware and Virtualization Consultant
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Can we just roll back a bit, you restarted physical switches, and connections were lost....

so why have we started tweaking configurations ?

that's first question, iSCSI LUNs should just come back and re-connect ?
Technical Consultant
Agree with Andrew, was the config on the switches saved before you bounced them?

What are the switches?

Assuming they are Cisco or running LLDP - the NICS in VMware will tell you what port they are connected to. (look at the information section on the network cards on your virtual switches)

Firstly make sure the uplinks are on the correct VLAN
Put a spare port in the same VLAN connect your laptop (with an ISCSI network IP on it), and make sure you can ping the the IP address of your iSCSI targets) - Or if you can SSH into the hosts and you can try pinging them with vmkping  
vmkping -I vmkX

Open in new window

Note: where x is the correct VMkernel number!



Well it didn't so something is wrong.  I've copied the exact configurations as I have on another box that I have up and running and it refuses to connect to the NAS.


they are HP switches.

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