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WSUS on a DC? 2012/2016?

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Last Modified: 2019-07-04
WSUS - on DC?

I could be wrong because I have had a bit of experience with thirdparty enterprise level patch remediation solutions, but I originally thought it was recommended to install WSUS on a DC.  I was just about to do it, and now everything I read suggests strongly against it.  It is a secondary DC, and really was the only  available VM with the lowest utilization so thought it would be a safe bet, otherwise would have to purchase an additional Server license.  What do you guys think regarding WSUS with 2012/16. Keep it off the DC?  It is a small environment about 25 nodes, just wanted to gain more control with the mess Microsoft consistently bestows on everyone with their under-tested Win10 updates and also regain the control as to when computers can be rebooted!  No software company should decide when computers get rebooted!  Monst businesses are 24x7 (Sorry venting ;-))
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Not a good idea.  You because you'd have to reboot your DC more often for patches or WSUS maintenance.  WSUS also needs disk space for all the patches it downloads and keeps.


I was in denial ;-)  At one point wasn't MS actually recommending to install it on a DC?

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WSUS was shoehorned into Small Business Server across several generations of the product.

It led to all sorts of issues over time with drive space, IIS logs, SQL memory usage, and more.

As a rule, WSUS should go on its own in the Server 2016/2019 era. The database setup it requires can be a problem on a DC along with the constant flux of files. In time this can cause issues with the AD database.

Then, there's the whole, "What do I do? The WSUS setup is corrupt." dilemma that could possibly happen down the road.

All in all, it is a flat-out no. Don't do it.


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