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CIFS slows to a crawl

NFS on netapp filer - very slow only when over a hop

hi out of the blue. - juniper in the core  CIFS has slowed to crawl off a netapp - engineer did put a route in but only in prep for a change - it seems from that point on NFS browse to the netapp is soo slow its unusable
we since removed the route - but its just as bad no difference
dont even know if what he did was related

anyway if you are on the same subnet as the cifs netapp filer  (eg on a server in the same subnet )CIFS  performace is fine!!!
as soon as a hop to get to filer cifs share - its hopeless

Netapp 8.3 data on tap - Juniper core switched HELP
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This needs way more info....
Are there higher speeds on the "local lan".
Is Jumbo framing used?
what router is involved? What speeds are involved, some network image of the components concerned is quite helpful in cases like this.
inclusing addresses etc. Public addresses can be obfusciated, if they are still distingishable where needed.
What was the change that was done? [ details, not "some route"..].


juniper IOS upgrade fixed  - some corruption now resolved with new os