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There are lots of long, wonky policy speeches I need to listen to on youtube.

Due to the limited controls in the native youtube app for Android, it's kind of torture to do so.

Is there any YouTube app replacement for Android that allows:

  • Playing in the background
  • Variable speeds
  • Is
  • on
  • Google Play
  • as an app

Even better if it can save audio only to SD card, though that's not necessary.


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First, use this app:

For every video you need saving, use Youtube > Share > this app > save to wherever you want. (default video, but audio is a radio button option though)
Please note, heavily copyrighted material probably won't download. Most advanced that other apps usually can't download though, VEVO music videos.

If all are downloaded as audio, use your fav audio/music player.

If all are downloaded as video (because sometimes you still want to watch it besides just listening to it), use this to play it (either single file or as a playlist):

This app can use background play, you can turn off screen to just listen (click once on the video, click the arrow bracket sign icon (this one>), click the headphone icon)

Variable speed can be done in the app with two fingers up/down swipe.
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background play required a youtube premium subscription.


Thanks! :)))))))))))))))))))))))!!!

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