After getting a new phone, contacts from years ago have reappeared.  How do I get rid of them?

J.R. Sitman
J.R. Sitman used Ask the Experts™
I got a new Samsung 10e today.  I used the Samsung Switch app to transfer everything from my S8.

The problem is I have contacts that I have not had for at least two years are back.  When I click on them the details state it is from Touchdown-Exchange.  Which I used to use.  I checked my apps and that app is not installed on the phone.  

How is this possible?

How do I fix/delete it?
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EirmanChief Operations Manager

Contacts can be stored in the Phone and the SIM card.
Perhaps the old contacts were stored in the SIM.
J.R. SitmanIT Director


Can the SIM contacts be cleared?
IT Director
I found the solution.  It was an old Group. I deleted it.

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