Asset Tagging - picking your brain..

jorge diaz
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Asset Tagging - picking your brain..

I want to implement simple asset tagging solution for our tech equipment (laptops and computers mostly). I found this company online where I can crate the labels, since we don't have any software or scanners it'll pretty much be just a company and some and number.

I'll then just update the inventory spreadsheet with the access tagging number for each equipment.

This will be the first i'm doing it, i'm using common sense in what I want to but i'd figure i'll ask the community to see if there's a more effective way of doing this. Honestly i don't think management will approve any software purchase in case you wonder..

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In my opinion, the more intelligence you build into a tag, the more problems you end up having.

That said, short of using serial numbers (with no guarantee they will be unique across *all* devices), I would simply start at 000001 (or what ever range you feel is reasonable) and track them in a simple spreadsheet or low-cost / open source management system / database.

Anyone else ... sounds like budget is constrained or I would add more ...
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I would actually recommend using bar codes and finding an app-based tool that can feed a desktop app to provide ease of scanning even if you don't need this functionality now.

I would look at this free product to determine if it would fit your needs.
Darrell Porter is correct ... and most smart phones can use a camera to scan barcodes ...
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

A simple numerical order is probably best. You can just print the labels yourself. If you can get ahold of a barcode font, it would be easier of you added a barcode to the label as well. It might make the job easier later.

Just be sure you have agreement on WHAT you are going to label and WHERE so everybody gets in the habit of looking in the right place.
thank you everyone!

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