Migrating Media Files from MS Stream to another Service

Oscar Sichez
Oscar Sichez used Ask the Experts™

I was wondering if anyone can share a light on this,  have been asked to transfer/migrate Microsoft Stream Video files to Vimeo.

I have no experience in MS Stream or even where the videos files are stored but I presume would be in Sharepoint or Onedrive storage.

Thanks in advance
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting Savant
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Going through the MS Stream docs, it's unclear how the actual video content is stored.

You may have to use an HLS (stream) ripper just to get your content out of MS Stream.

Once you have .mp4 video files, you can host them where every you like.
Linux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting Savant
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Note: Remember each time you transcode a video quality can decrease dramatically.

Uploading videos to Vimeo or YouTube or most other services, transcode your footage. This may or may not be acceptable.

If it's unacceptable, self host your videos + use PHP pseudo streaming to serve content directly off your site, in such a way you can easily serve 1,000,000s of simultaneous video streams.

HTTP 206 Pseudo Streamer provides a good starting point.

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