Problems with Verizon WiFI calling and texting.

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Problems with Verizon voice and text over WiFi.

I'm having very little luck making this reliably work.  Several of my clients are in x-ray and surgical facilities with week cell signals, so we are trying to use Verizon's text/calling over Wifi.  It's been hard to troubleshoot because the results seem almost random.  About half the time you try to send a text, it just gets stuck on sending and never goes through.  Next time, it will work fine.  Calls are the same way, sending and receiving.

I've tried putting the phone in airplane mode, then turning WiFi back on, essentially turning off the cell service.  Everything seems to work fine, which means the WiFi part is working...  right?  If I turn off WiFi to force it to use cell, as long as you're in a spot that gets cell service, that works fine as well.  So... both WiFi and cellular texting and calling are working.  If I turn everything back on, it goes back to not working at least half the time.

This is occurring in multiple locations.  The setups are similar, Ubiquity WiFi and Sonicwall routers.  Both companies say it's not them and I've tried all of the setting suggestions I could find.  Verizon has not been helpful at all.  Very difficult to troubleshoot because of the inconsistency.  I've walked out multiple times thinking that it was "fixed," only to have it start reoccurring the next day.

Is anyone else experiencing issues like this?  I'm starting to think that the Verizon technology is not quite there yet and there's nothing I can do.  But my bosses really want this working, they say they are missing important calls and texts.

Thanks in advance!!!
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I would take a hard look at the SonicWall --  Had nothing but issues with them and VoIP in the past --
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Given that you cited things work fine if the phones don't have both things turned on at the same time, I would be giving Verizon the hard look. While Phonebuff is right that Sonicwall has been historically weak with VoIP, the problem should have been occurring with the phones not having cellular antennas on.

One thing you could try on the Sonicwall regardless is making sure to turn off "Enable SIP Transformations". I remember a Sonicwall engineer even admitting to me on a support call a few years ago how troublesome their VoIP features were.

My money goes on the technology in those phones isn't quite there. And for some reason, they may be switching back and forth, or just getting confused. Ideally, a software update is available and helps. However, I'm betting they'll try to sell you newer phones.


Thanks gentlemen.  I marked masnrock's post as the solution.  the problem still exists, but it has to be Verizon.  They're not admitting to it, but I've tried everything, including swapping out the Sonicwall.  Works either way, but not with both wifi and cell turned on.

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