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If you were picking up a sharepoint server/system (2013) and trying to familiarise yourself with the setup/configuration/usage, what would be some pertinent questions to ask the leaving sysadmin? Especially to cover all tiers of the stack.
We have a handover from 2 admin teams for overall support/administration of a sharepoint system (internal hosted) and we want some assurances the admin lead taking over responsibility will have done the necessary research ready for handover.
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I'm not a Sharepoint expert but I see a question begging to be asked to clarify answers ... what is the relationship between the owners of the Sharepoint system, those who administer it now, and those who will be receiving it?

For example, the owner is "Big Company" and all others are employees of "Big Company" vs the owner is "Big Company", the current admins are employees of "Big Company" and the future admins are employees of an IT subcontractor vs ...

Knowing the answer would change the advice I would give ... regardless of the technology being handed off ...


They are all internal staff, just different sections of ICT and a pending restructure. Some are moving onto project work whilst others are picking up business as usual support to cover for this.
Since they will all be present after the handoff occurs, I would:
1. Provide all documentation from the old to new team
2. Let them "try to administer" in a pilot phase and identify what they don't have / know
3. Require the old team to assist in the pilot phase

You will quickly learn what the old team should have documented or known and what the new team needs to know. You may learn, no one really understands Sharepoint like you (or management thought) and some people need training or it might be cost-effective to have an external "goto guru", in case something happens beyond what you know internally.

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