Need some implementation help with the Wordpress PlugIn WP Google Maps.

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Looking for someone familiar with the Wordpress plugin WP Google Maps --

I have two issues with it and I have upgraded from the Free to the Pro version.  

* I can not get the Labels Tag to stay on when I select a Show Satellite Imagery..

* I am trying to change the Markers more or less on the fly.  In that when the Page is loaded or refreshed I want to get  from a PostgreSQL database the "current" location of my trucks, and update the Markers on the map before it displays..  I can get the data when the page loads with a PHP script and I can update the CSV import file but I don't see how to force the Map Import after I have the csv file set and before I render the Map. or how to this when the user refreshes the screen.

Should I be doing this a different way, in this tool ?
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Commented: will be best place to ask this question.

For someone to answer, they'd have to purchase a copy of your plugin, install it, duplicate your code.

This suggests you ask in the plugin support forums or hire someone to do this work for you.

Not overly difficult, just requires purchasing the code + then learning the code.
    Thank you for the reply.   I was just reaching out in case someone else here has already been down this path..

    I am digging through the php code to see if I can find the function(s) I need to call in my custom php.

    But since I have the $$ Pro version of the plug-in, I did open a ticket and will probably hear back on Monday.   Will leave this open for now and if I get a constructive resolution will update it for others.

This is a great plugin and I have it doing pretty much everything I needed.  

Did have to upgrade to the Paid version though for some of the advanced features.   Additionally, the support was prompt and helpful..

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