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Open to Any and All Tips that will help me develop DotNet websites faster and easier in Visual Studio...

So FAR... I do the following to be fast/efficient using VStudio .net coding  (not saying this is best or right way --  just providing a starting point)

I have THREE monitors...

Left Monitor has my CSS page and a minimized SQL Server Studio Management Software With my databases and tables to create update etc.

Middle Monitor has Visual Studio 2015 with HTML & objects & Code Behind Page + HTML objects and Bookmark folder on my browser with links to
              StackOverflow, Microsoft Docs, and a lot of other DotNet resources... etc.

Right Monitor has Webpage(s) i am working on to see updates made in CSS or Code or HTML or where ever... and interactive web page cheat sheets minimized.

I have a notebook with Cheat Sheet for HTML and CSS printed out from helpful websites... mostly memorized but at my hand if needed

I have chrome developer tools ready to use to help see my or others CSS / HTM code development and to debug... Looking into to Firebug for JS debugging...

I use the Visual Studio block commenter buttons - for comment out comment in actions - to speed up  large comment in or out efforts

I use the Find button inside Visual Studio to see if CSS styles are being used or not in my HTML by searching ALL open docs...

I use the formatting button on Visual Studio to format my HTML web docs to do mass auto indenting and formatting of the whole web page

I do not know how to set up or use code snipets to speed up re use of code... could use some tips there... like right click see and click and load to cursor spot ?

There is no one solution for this so i am going to up vote any helpful solutions...  thanks... CJ
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Dirk StraussSenior Full Stack Developer
Distinguished Expert 2017

The question you are asking is actually mostly up to you. What is it that makes you a faster developer. If your workflow works for you, then who am I to disagree? I also have 3 monitors (4 incl laptop) that I work off of. My laptop has all comms apps on it such:
  • My email
  • Skype (Desktop App)
  • WhatsApp (in a browser tab)
  • Telegram (in a browser tab)

I keep my email client open, but in the background under the other open windows of Skype, etc. Email can become a time black hole so keeping it in the background allows me to check it once or twice a day.

My middle monitor has Visual Studio on. Sometimes I undock some panes in Visual Studio and put those on one of the other monitors, but I don't do that too often.

My left monitor has Chrome with all the tabs open I use often (Toggl, Experts-Exchange, Personal Outlook mail, etc.). I also have SSMS open here when I'm using it including Visual Studio Code when used.

My right monitor includes all the sites I work on along with Chrome Dev Tools. Here I will do dev testing on the sites I'm working on as well as Google code related stuff. Microsoft Docs is usually open in a tab on this monitor.

Currently, this workflow works for me. But I tend to change it around a lot though, so whatever feels right to me at the time, works.

Code Snippets
I use code snippets often. To insert a new code snippet, hit Ctrl+K+X and select the snippet you want. You can also type the shortcut for a snippet and hit the tab key twice to insert it (try typing ctor and hit the tab key twice). You can also surround your code with a snippet. Highlight some code, and hit Ctrl+K+S and select the code snippet that you want to use. After a while, code snippets become muscle memory. You will be able to use it without thinking too much.

PS: Ctrl+K+D will format your code and fix indenting etc. It is my most used keyboard shortcut ever.


@Dirk Strauss...

Toggl... excellent... i was moving in the direction of precise time tracking... instead of estimated...

Telegram... I like the idea of self destructing encrypted instant messages... IMF Team !

Just Tried Out the Finding a Snippet via Ctrl + K + X that is most excellent but do you have a link for learning how to do the shortcut to snippet insert ??

Good suggestions... thanks... CJ
Senior Full Stack Developer
Distinguished Expert 2017
In Visual Studio, go to Tools and select Code Snippets Manager.
Code Snippets ManagerThen when the Code Snippets Manager window opens up, select your language.
Select LanguageExpand the area you are interested in and click on a code snippet. You will see that the details are loaded in the pane to the right which will include the shortcut that needs to be used. Also of interest, you can see the location of the snippet file. Go to this location and open the snippet file in a text editor (open it as Admin). I use Visual Studio Code to edit this snippet file.
Edit shortcutYou will see that the file is just an XML file. If you want to change the shortcut, do it here (making sure that the shortcut is unique) and save the file. Restart the Code Snippet Manager in Visual Studio and see the new shortcut displayed in the Manager. Now you can use your new shortcut to insert the snippet of code where needed.
See here for more on Code Snippets.


@Excellelante...  :o)

thanks... Yes each shCut would need to be unique... I gather that VS does not barf if you dupe a pair...

Dirk StraussSenior Full Stack Developer
Distinguished Expert 2017

I'm not sure what VS does if it encounters a duplicate shortcut. I think it does have a wobbly though.

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