Windows Server Backup Question

I have a Windows 2016 server and it is running Windows Server Backup on a multiple times a day schedule and dumping the files to a USB drive.  everything is working but what I am trying to figure out is this.  Most backup software will keep x amount of copies on the storage device than then start over writing the oldest FIFO.  There is no way to tell WSB to do this so does it just run until the USB drive is full then crap out or does it run until full then start over writing?

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Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
Windows backup is pretty simplistic. There are some free backup tools that might do what you want such as the free version of Veeam.

On the other hand, I used to accomplish what you want with a script. I would back up to a file, backup1.bkf, but before I ran the backup, I would rename the existing backup1 to backup2, backup2 to backup3, etc and then delete the oldest backup file.
mwatson536Author Commented:
Yea started with Veeam's free backup but it will not allow multiple schedules have to buy for that.  I will look into the script side of this.  Thanks
You could script with the following file name standard and then delete files older than X days/months via another script:
YYYYMMDDHHMMSSBackup (and use military time for the HHMM) ...

Just a thought on file names
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mwatson536Author Commented:
Working on a script now to do this but struggling as I am not a Power shell guy.  Thanks for the replies.
ZeropointNRGHedge Fund ManagerCommented:
Windows Server Backup will automatically delete the old version backup when the disk space is used up.

The old backup version will keep growing until all free disk space is used up, afterwards Windows Server Backup will automatically delete the old version backup to make space for newer ones.

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ZeropointNRGHedge Fund ManagerCommented:
Just create a batch file and add this to it.

Echo batch file to delete folder

@RD /S /Q "C:\Name of folder/file here"

Open in new window

Change the directory to point to your USB/Folder/File, w/e.
mwatson536Author Commented:
Thank you all.
ZeropointNRGHedge Fund ManagerCommented:
You're welcome.
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