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Robb Hill
Robb Hill used Ask the Experts™
My company has Azure but has decided for pricing reasons that they think AWS is cheaper than Azure.

Regardless of that now i am being told we should go to Maria DB within AWS versus MS SQL as that is also cheaper.

is this true.  I am having a hard time finding anything online to back up this factually.

I would be looking at utlizing the database as a service.

I would also need the ability to be on prem and in the cloud as well if needed.

I am a .net developer too so I need to be able to develop this my appication can work in IIS but also be deployed as a Docker Container.  

I am nto sure in the case of AWS if my database needs to be in a docker container or not.

Experts please help.
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Senior Developer
Are we talking about the entire infrastructure or the database only?

In the latter case: just collect your functional and non-functional requirements. Then compare the different options with it. When they both match the requirements, then you need to some budget calculation. How long would it take to adopt and test the code for a new database?

I am a .net developer [..]
In the past it was cheaper to stick to the MS stack in this case, due to the higher integration. Thus cheaper development costs.

[..] but also be deployed as a Docker Container.  
What should be in the container? Here you may triage the above list according to what should run in such a container.
Rohit AnandCloud Architect
Hi Robb

If you looking more from pricing perspective.. Microsoft provides a lot more offers in the Enterprise agreement... Just giving you an example, if you are looking to migrate a SQL Server hosted on Windows Server 2016 to azure VM. Microsoft gives upto 40% off on windows licensing.

I will recommend to use Azure Calculator to understand more about pricing

and also to understand more about cost benefits on windows licensing
Ramasamy PanchavarnamSenior Technical Architect
On AWS, you can go to AWS RDS Arora Database than Maria DB. AWS has free tool called DMS will help you to migrate the db to Aurora. It will be faster and cheaper than any other DB. Before migration, You have to check your application compatibility.

In performance wise, Aurora is doing pretty well, as we migrated many Mssql workload to Aurora.
Dhec NaagCloud Expert / System Operations
MariaDB is basically the same as MySQL in a sense that is almost at the same as AWS said it is, Now, since you mentioned containers, I think it would be better if you just set aside the RDS for the meantime and stick to EC2 with docker because that's where you are going right now.

EC2 is able to host your docker containers that you have been developing locally and if you can spin up a container with a DB of your choice you can also do/publish that on an EC2.

Now if you are considering RDS, you need to start on Aurora's they are much cheaper has a development (free-tier) instance to start with. But remember that would mean that you are taking your application on a higher level. That might take sometime to connect everything and secure the infrastructure as well.

You may also need to consider NGINX too instead of IIS, unless you are hard core MS fan :)

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