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Hello experts.  I've never placed a hardware post on EE before but thought I might give this a try.  Is anyone familiar with any of the Actel/Microsemi Pro ASIC3 FPGAs?  I'm hoping to learn something about where these parts are commonly used, and what type of company may use them.  I have a customer who owns brand new factory sealed inventory that he can't use.  I believe most of these parts are now obsolete.  If anyone can give me any ideas as to what type of company may be able to use these I would be very grateful.

Also, if you know of a better place for me to place this post, please help.  Thanks.

Discontinued Actel/Microsemi A3P060VQ100
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All of these parts are listed at DigiKey:        

  A3P060VQ100 and A3P125VQG100 are active (but not recommended for new designs).

  A3P250VQG100  is active - 6000 in stock @ $15

EX64FTQ100 and AGLN060V5CSG81 are obsolete and/or discontinued.

39VF010704CWHE is active - 1000 in stock @ $1

The folks that bought these IC's originally would probably have the best idea about who else could use them.  

The manufacturers are not going to help you undercut their own market, but they might be willing to take them back (at a big discount) to protect it.

Even if you could find a customer, most manufacturers are leary of dealing on on the secondary market because of counterfeiting and quality control issues.  You best bet might be to talk with a few chip brokers.  They buy unused inventory and find the folks who are willing to use it.  

What quantities are you talking about?


Very very large quantities....   All brand new and still in factory sealed packages with tractability back to Actel.  The thing that I need to understand better is that the part owner purchased them from Actel with the security feature.   He said he has an algorithm to unlock the feature... and I don't know what that means.

I remember security fuses in PALs.. but this is an "algorithm".  Does that mean the parts can still be used by another party?  I'm not sure if the algorithm removers the security feature, or whether it allows access to the array... do you know what this means???

Also, I really appreciate your helping me.
Security has come a long way, and I haven't kept up.  But some of the issues are covered (or at least mentioned) here.

The AP3xxx chips are ProASIC3's and the lower end of the product line.
The security for these devices is on page 5 of the PDF.
I have no idea if they are usable or worthless on the secondary market.


Thanks t-glitch..
I guess I need to find someone who has used one of these chips before... the chip owner says he has the security algorithm, and that it was setup by Actel… I guess I need to find someone who knows what this means... I checked page 5 of the pdf...but it was not help...

Thanks for your help so far...
No one else ever responded so I will be closing this question without a resolution.  Thank you.

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