After making a change in Word Press, the change does not show in the live website

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When editing a page, specifically someone's Title, in Word Press, in wp-admin, the change was made, I hit Update, and Preview shows the change and it looks good.
However when pulling up the live web page the change does not show?
Why would this happen?
Did I miss something?
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use f5 or ctrl-f5 to refresh the page. you are probably seeing the cached page.
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David's suggestion is usually the culprit, but if refreshing the page doesn't work, you may have to clear cached images from your browser.

Which browser are you using?
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Trick: You can use curl to bypass all caching.

Note: You can also post the URL of your page for people to analyze headers to assist you.

Normal problem is when a Web server is incorrectly setup to return some far future expires time for text/html + text/plain MIME types.

If you can hit SHIFT + Reload to resolve your problem, best check your headers for the above MIME types.

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