replace tray caddy on PowerEdge

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Hi, I have a Dell PowerEdge R630 with 6 disks (2 virtual disks with 3 disks each, both RAID5). Controller is PERC H730P Mini
One of tray caddy is broken, and I need to replace it.
I could put disk in "fail" state and replace tray caddy.
Since I can afford a downtime, I wondering if I can simply shutdown server, extract disk, replace tray, and power on again.
Will controller raid "notice" anything?
Thank you!
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If you power the server down, then move the HDD to a new tray, the server will not know anything has happened.

The trays are purely physical devices, which just hold the drives in place.

Mal Osborne is right...

just simply shutdown the server and replace the caddy ..and plug it's safe ...

all the best


Hi, I wondering if the battery on controller could cause some issue.
Thank you :)

no need to worry about it... thats safe...go ahead
The battery on the controller just keeps the onboard memory active, the hard drives are powered down when the server is off.

If cached data has not been written back to the drives, this occurs one they power up again.

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