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Need better way to upgrade WIn10 to 1809 than horrible success rate with WSUS

Jody Davis
Jody Davis asked
I need to upgrade all my Win10 Pro business systems (600ea) to version 1809 by November to ensure they all continue to receive security updates (that version required by Nov according to MS release notes).

WSUS fails the download to my systems (corrupt/missing files) just like many people experience online - i'm at about 50% success rate. Which of course is terrible without having to remediate (remove softwaredistribution folder, try again) - and with almost 300 remote employees, this is not a scenario i want to try and remediate every single dang failure. There has to be a better way.

Can i download the 1809 feature update as a .msi so i can push it with another 3rd party tool that has a MUCH better success rate than what i'm experiencing with WSUS?  What is everyone else doing with this kind of problem?  This can't be the only way to deal with this.  Something else must be a better approach.

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bbaoIT Consultant

as we don't know the actual reasons that have caused the update difficulty or errors, i would suggest a simply also the most complete way to get the new version installed.

1. backup persona data.
2. reset the Windows completely, with all programs and data erased.
3. update to the new version without installing any other software.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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See if (for this machine above) a Windows Repair Install works. If so, we can try to go from there.


Windows 10 is running, so click on the Download button (not Upgrade Button, select Save.
Create a USB Windows Installation key and then run Setup on the USB Key.
This will launch the Repair and proceed normally.
Jody DavisSystems Engineer


Thanks for the responses, but as i mentioned, this is an Enterprise environment with the need to upgrade over 600 systems - and i see online that this is a known issue - the reason i'm looking for a better solution.

If this was my home system, what you're recommending would be fine. But i have to upgrade over 600 systems - these are not solutions for an Enterprise task of this magnitude.

1. Can i download the feature upgrade to 1809 (1903 doesn't seem to be completely stable from our testing) as a .msi so i can use a 3rd party distro tool that has a much better success rate than WSUS download problems, or....

2. Is there a better Enterprise way to distribute this download that has a better success rate for hundreds of systems than WSUS does that i haven't thought of?

Enterprise-level ideas is what i'm looking for. While what you're saying could resolve a problem, i have hundreds to do. Not just a few. Thanks.
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We use a very easy approach:

-download the setup ISO and extract it to a share
-deploy a scheduled task to machines that will launch at a certain day and call setup with these parameters:
\\server\share\setup.exe /auto upgrade /dynamicupdate disable

Open in new window

And that's all. Machines will upgrade as soon as that task launches. If you are expecting bandwidth problems because a large number of PCs will be pulling that upgrade at the same time, you can utilize start time randomization within the task, so instead of all PCs starting setup at, say, 8 AM, you could randomize the time between 8 AM and 4 PM, which allows you to use a single Gigabit connection to upgrade 600 systems within less than eight hours.

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