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The e-learning authoring programs and/or combined authoring program/LMS platforms that are available today (at least that I can find) seem to be mostly constraining clients to basically build their products from scratch, mostly using the product's templates, and if one ventures out of their templates to make custom pages they make it extremely cumbersome and limited so one is highly influenced to use their templates (in the end that will put a cap on one's ability to continually engage the learner over the long term by restricting capacity for continual creative evolution).

Well, that is what I am hoping you can help with – again I don’t know that much about it but I know the information in the fillable PDFS has to be converted to a “sharable content object reference model” or the newer versions of the technology in order to be read by most LMS platforms. I know I have seen websites that claim to be able to convert content but haven’t explored that yet, and also I haven’t really explored the option of using an audience response system environment rather than an LMS, but I guess at this point I would love to hear your opinion and/or ideas.
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