Windows Image Backup to Hyper-V Machine

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I have a full Windows Image Backup of a server running 2008 Standard. I need to create a virtual machine (hyper-v) from this backup. I have done this before, but I can't remember what I did. I know boot up with an ISO and go into system restore, but once I get there I cannot access the USB media that contains the backup. Any suggestions!?

The server im trying to restore was a standalone server.
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Pass the USB disk directly through to the VM (WARNING: MAKE A BACKUP OF THE USB FIRST JUST IN CASE!)



I did this, but when I launch the command prompt and run list disk, it does not show the USB disk in the list, just the main partition C
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Plug the backup drive into the Hyper-V Host.
Open Disk Management (Start --> DiskMgmt.msc --> CTRL+SHFT+ENTER).
Right click on the USB disk and set to OFFLINE

Open Hyper-V Manager
Set up a Gen1 virtual machine with the required VHDX file(s) for the partitions to be restored.
Add an IDE HDD and choose the physical disk located below the VHDX setup portion.
Apply & OK
I don't recall if a SCSI connected disk can be read by Windows Server Backup while in-guest.

Boot the OS ISO and Repair then click Restore and wait for the process to find the attached drive.


If RAID was there then the VM will probably BSOD. So, there may be some things needed to get it going (usually 07b BSOD).

Once booted you will need to set up the network.

Then, go through the "Show Hidden Devices" process in Device Manager to clean-out all references to the old hardware and anything else that does not belong.

Update Integration Services.

That should about do it.

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