Can you fully integrate a webform into an MVC view?

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Hi all,

We are building an MVC website, and we would like to include some legacy functionality from a WebForms site.

So, we have our MVC view and we can load a webform into a DIV on the page, but when we post the webform, it goes to an incorrect url.

We have tried setting the postbackurl property of a button on the webform but this makes no difference.

Has anyone tried to do something similar before, and if so, did you have any success?

Is this even possible?

Any advice is much appreciated.

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NoahHardware Tester and Debugger

Hi there! :)

Please refer to the following link. It is a blog which discusses the combination of ASP.NET WebForms and MVC together into one project.



Hi Noah,

This wasn't really helpful, as we have no problem running both WebForms and MVC in the same project, but we appreciate your response.

Thank you.

For the moment, we are going to re-create the logic of the WebForm in a partial view, this was our ultimate goal, but for time saving purposes, we would have preferred to use the WebForm.

Thank you for taking the time to read.


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