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I need to set up a training in Sharepoint and was considering creating a list.
I would like the user to be able to check a YES/NO to show completed course.

I am unsure if this would be the same for ALL users, or could this be toggled specifically for the user?

There my be multiple new hires utilizing the list at the same time.
I want them to be able to complete that task (course) and mark as complete.

Should I create a template and make viewable to that individual only?
Should I instead create a task list?
Should I use a workflow in Sharepoint - or alternatively - is it better to use a task list in Planner?

Any suggestions for good solution is appreciated!
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You can create a custom list and make a setting in the list settings to show only the items entered by the user.

If you are looking user facing questionnaire then create a survey list and publish it.

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