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Need a Mac alternative to MSPaint?

Need a Mac alternative to MSPaint?

I do not want to learn Gimp. I can not tolerate the incredible bugs in Paintbrush. It lets me design exactly what I need. Then, it fails to save it!

Screwed up!

What free options?

I am slowly learning Photoshop, but it is a slow and steep learning curve.

I need fast, and may just use MSPaint, But that has just one layer of Undo.

Crazy difficult finding good software

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I'd stick with PS. If all you need is paint, PS is all you need. Just learn the basics, write them down, shortcuts to certain things that PS does, and you're set. No need to learn everything that it does.
How about Krita?  It's free, or you could donate.                                            
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What is PS? Paintbrush literally does not save my changes. I need to configure and and take a screenshot before closing it.

Bad news.

I wil try Krita.
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PS = Photoshop
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PS is not a real alternative to MSPaint which is included with Windows where PS is not free (actually quite expensive).