how do we tell if it's a true or gimmick bitcoin trading system?

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Refer to above.  How do we tell if the above is a gimmick/scam or real?
The lengthy URL seems fishy to me
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the supplied link is about cars and not bitcoin trading
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Side note:  Any ad for cryptocurrency trading is going to be fishy.  The (very) few reputable crypto exchanges do not need to advertise.

Further, at this stage of the crypto game, any ICO is just a way to flush fiat down the loo.  If it can be done, it's already been done, and it doesn't need to be done again.
Terry WoodsIT Guru
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> If it can be done, it's already been done, and it doesn't need to be done again.

I disagree. I do agree that lots of ideas have been tried (many failed), but I expect lots of new successful tools to continue to appear in the future. The cryptocurrencies that allow on chain computing (not sure if that's the best description) such as Ethereum are still maturing and we're likely to see a lot more software and projects making use of the tools.

All that said, time spent trading doesn't add much value to the world; more likely it takes productivity away from something else that is much more worthwhile.

Sunhux, are you sure your account hasn't been hacked? ;-)

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