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Starr Duskk
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I want a list of checkbox items. As the user selects the items, I want them to appear in a list on the right.

If possible, I want each item to have a point value and as they select them, it totals the points selected.

Is there anything quick out there I can use in javascript, or jquery, or even

I don't want to use a database or anything fancy.

(It's for a game I host where players earn points, pick prizes and screenshot me their selected list so I can give them their prizes.)

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Perhaps something like this.
<!DOCTYPE html>

var prizeDic = {'Prize 1':10, 'Prize 2':20, 'Prize 3':30};


	const list = document.getElementById('prizes');
	var i = 0;
		const chk = document.createElement('input');
		chk.addEventListener( 'change', listprizes);
		chk.className = 'prize';
		chk.type  = 'checkbox'; =obj;
		prizeDic[obj] = Math.floor(Math.random() * (100 - 10 + 1)) + 10;
		const lbl = document.createElement('span');
		lbl.innerHTML = obj+ '-' + prizeDic[obj] +' points</br>';


function listprizes(){
	const prizes = document.getElementsByClassName('prize');
	var totalPoints = 0;
	var prizelist = [];
	document.querySelectorAll('.prize').forEach(function(prize) {
		if(prize.checked) {
			totalPoints += prizeDic[];
	var result = document.getElementById('selectedprizes')
	var html= '';
	if(prizelist.length != 0){	
			html += prize + '</br>';
		html += 'Total points: ' + totalPoints;
	} else {
		var html='No prizes selected';
	result.innerHTML = html;

<div id='prizes'style='width: 45%; float:left; height:100px; margin:10px'>

<div id='selectedprizes' style='width: 50%; float:right; height:100px; margin:10px'>
No prizes selected


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Something like this
  <div class="d-flex flex-row">
    <ul id="source" class="w-50">
      <li><input type="checkbox" name="points[]" value="10"> 10</li>
      <li><input type="checkbox" name="points[]" value="20"> 20</li>
      <li><input type="checkbox" name="points[]" value="30"> 30</li>
      <li><input type="checkbox" name="points[]" value="40"> 40</li>
      <li><input type="checkbox" name="points[]" value="50"> 50</li>
      <li><input type="checkbox" name="points[]" value="60"> 60</li>
    <ul id="target"></ul>

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$(function() {
  var cb = $('#source :checkbox');
  $('#source :checkbox').change(function() {
    var total = 0;
    cb.each(function(i, e) {
      if (e.checked) {
        total += +e.value;
        $('#target').append($('<li>').html('Checkbox ' + i + ' with points ' + e.value));
    $('#target').append($('<li>').html('Total points ' + total));

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Working sample here
Starr DuskkASP.NET VB.NET Developer


Thanks!!! Very helpful!
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You are welcome.

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