Chinese Brand Phones vs Mainline Android Phones

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I have been investigating the flagship phones from the Chinese brands. Specifically looking at the Xiaomi Mi9T. I know it isn't quite as good as the 1plus offering, but wondering if anyone has any experience with these phones compared to the likes of other popular Android phones such as Samsung? The websites that compare performance seem to show they are fairly close.

FYI Only looking/comparing Android phones, not into iPhones.

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Not first hand experience, but my I've had a couple friends who have owned phones from OnePlus.

One of them used to have Motorola Droid and switched to the OnePlus and really likes it, I believe he just upgraded to another OnePlus phone.

My other friend went from a Pixel XL to a OnePlus, then back to a Pixel 3a because of a recent promotion. He really liked the OnePlus, but the software (mainly the camera) of the Pixel series is hard to beat.

Neither had complaints about lacking software updates or laggy phones, but that's a very subjective measure.

The only first hand experience I've had with the phones is holding them in my hands and swiping between screens, sorry I don't have more for you.

Hope this helps tho!
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Hi there! :)

I am currently using an OPPO phone and I also used to own a Xiaomi phone. In comparison to Samsung and other android phone manufacturers, I find that most of these China brand phones have the quality no matter the price range. I bought my Xiaomi for $200 and it lasted for three years while also catering to all of my needs.  From my experience, after looking for what I want, I can always get a Chinese brand phone with a fantastic camera, ease of user interface and rarely or if not, no compatibility issues.

At the end of the day, I think it just depends on personal preferences and needs. You may refer to the link below for some online reviews.
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Thanks for the info.

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