Inventory Balance in GP's "Item Stock Inquiry" Window

John Ellis
John Ellis used Ask the Experts™

A Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 client is running into an issue where the quantity displayed within the "Balance" field of Item Stock Inquiry is not matching "Total Stock" in the Item Stock Inquiry window.

This discrepancy appears when the Unit of Measure is changed from the default, by the end user, in the drop-down list of the "Display Units of Measure" field.

The client has run Inventory Reconcile but to no effect.  

I did suggest running Check Links on the Inventory module as the next step, but what other steps can be taken?

Thank you!

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Hi John,

I found this KB article that discusses causes and resolutions for incorrect balances on the Item Stock Inquiry window:

Have you already seen it?

Hopefully it has some other items to consider.


Steve Endow
Microsoft MVP


Hi Steve:

Thank you, for the quick response.  I had seen this article and either everything in it has already been tried by the client or did not apply.

Hopefully, I'll find an answer.  I'll let you know.

Thanks, again!

Hi John,

It appears that window uses temp tables and some complex queries to build its information, so I don't think it would be feasible to try and run queries to track down the cause of the discrepancy.

The easiest solution would probably be a support case with MS to resolve the discrepancy.


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