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Reade Taylor
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Hi,  I have a client that has an on prem Exchange server.  They have 8 or so domains.  Each user at the company can receive email at any of the domains, into their primary mailbox and reply as the user the email it was sent to, without having to select reply as or anything else (Using Exclaimer Send As tool).  They can also create new emails from any of the domains by selecting a dropdown (Exclaimer add in).  

All of this works ok, except when users are not using outlook with the add in installed (OWA, cell phone, etc.)

Client is considering moving to O365 Hosted Exchange but does not want to lose this functionality.  And furthermore would like to be able to do the same from OWA and cell phones.  

Has anyone seen a solution to this that is compatible with O365 Hosted Exchange?

Thank you!
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No you can only have one reply as smtp address, but if you are using a 3rd party application that allows this ability for on-prem Exchange I would suggest contacting the company for the software and ask them about using this app for O365 also.


Thanks Tim.  The Exclaimer software we are using doesn't have an option for O365.

Does anyone else know if there are any other third parties that support this?
Michael B. SmithManaging Consultant
I'm aware of 3 companies that offer this capability for on-premises Exchange servers, but none which offer it in Office 365 (because it generally requires a transport agent on the Exchange server in order to make this work).

Fun (?) fact: this capability has been requested from Microsoft since Exchange 5.0 (1996).

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