Repeated attempts to reinstall 'damaged'? “Swift Publisher 5” fail

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Repeated attempts to reinstall “Swift Publisher 5” continues to return...

“Swift Publisher 5” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “Swift Publisher 5” and download it again from the App Store.

Dragged “Swift Publisher 5”  trash, emptied trash, downloaded & installed current version from App Store & above message repeats...

How do I get “Swift Publisher 5”  to reinstall & run?

Mac OS 'Mojave' 10.14.5
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While Apple attempted to make apps largely stand-alone it isn't completely true and most apps will install files into the /Library folder or the /Users/USERNAME/Library folder.  This happens either as part of the installation process or the first time you attempt to open the app.

The error you're getting may be related to a file left behind from a previous installation OR a file permission problem preventing the app from creating a file where it needs to.  It can also happen if you improperly migrate or have errors when migrating between Macs.

Can you tell us was Swift Publisher working for you before on the same Mac with the same OSX version? If not what was the last setup you had that worked?
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Can you tell us was Swift Publisher working for you before on the same Mac with the same OSX version?
Yes, worked OK until 'crash' caused this issue. The following script failed to cleanup the problem

BOSON:~ jimlacey$ xattr -cr /Applications/"Swift Publisher 5"
xattr: No such file: /Applications/Swift Publisher 5

As the cost is only $20USD, I will repurchase , if reinstallation will succeed, if I just drag current App to trash!

Other suggestions?
No .. repurchase I suspect isn't going to solve the issue

That xattr command is not necessarily a fix as that only resets the permission on the Application itself and would resolve only if you'd copied the application from another device or location.

If you've purchased on the App Store there is no need to re-purchase .. you can re-install once you've FULLY uninstalled it.

Can you confirm that the application is currently in the trash?

Swift advise that you perform the following deletions depending on how you originally installed it

The full commands to run are .... assuming the "crashed" version was installed from the App Store
sudo rm -Rf /Applications/Swift Publisher
sudo rm -Rf ~/Library/Containers/com.belightsoft.SwiftPublisher5/

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Sometimes, I get lucky... I found App removal instructions in Swift Publisher 5 User Manual - they worked!

I note that they are much the same as yours, with a couple added files/folders.

Thanks much for your valuable assistance .

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