Filter functions not working in Cascading Parameters Crystal Reports 2016

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Cascading Parameter will let me pick from a list however when set :
1.      The list displays the oldest records first and does not show the most recent entries in the database as the list is cut off…(I know this is because of the MAXRecords…registry setting. Can the list be set to DESC Descending in the registry? I need a Parameter that allows for the Last IN First OUT listing of records. So users see the most recent value in the data source….?
2.      The filtering mechanism does not show all the filter series/sets…..the 1,2,3,4…(window to the left of the filter Icons) in the filter list to parse the record sets. The values are missing?
3.      The filter seems messed up as when a value is selected in the filter window by typing the correct & confirmed value it does not show up in the dropdown list above next to the carrot. It all disappears? Baffling.
4.      After attempting to filter using the filter icon button in the parameter. The entire list of records disappears and there is no way to pick the record. Even when the value is 100% correct.
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You can control sort and filtering using a Command as the data source for a dynamic parameter.
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Agree.  just build a command to get the data you need for the values then build you parameter using it for the LOV.  No need to use it anywhere else in the report.

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Thank you.

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