VEEAM backup server disaster recovery.

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We have a production site and a DR site.

We have Veeam installed on the production site. Among others, Veeam replicates the backups and the virtual machines to the DR site.

As part of the replication jobs, I would like to know if we can replicate the Veeam backup server to the DR site and if there is any best practices that must be followed for such scenario.
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Yes, you can replicate the Veeam Backup server - but maybe this is not what you want.

Some things to consider during backup or replica of a Veeam server itself:

  • You want to make sure that you have exclusions for Backup/Data Disks configured, so that you do not recursive backups/replica of Veeam
  • ChangedBlockTracking is disabled on all disks of the Veeam server itself (if you store large files on the same VM that also is your Veeam server, backup/replica of this VM will be slow
  • The replicated Veeam server will still point to your production site for backup jobs and for configured repositories

Instead of replicating the Veeam server, you could also just install a second Veeam server in your DR site (this is possible with the same license - you need a license only for each source Server/CPU or source Instance, not for restore purposes).

If you want to transfer your backup config to your backup site, you will find small config backup files in one of your primary repositories, location is configurable (see also the official manual at . Maybe you want to only transfer the config backup to your second Veeam server?

There is also a new Veeam product called "Veeam Availability Orchestrator", that maybe fits perfectly for your requirement:

The Veeam Availability Orchestrator automatically prepares a second Veeam server in your DR site, and automatically adds backups and replica to this DR Veeam server, so that you can instantly start with a recovery in the DR site, if your primary site is down. It also adds further automation, and allows automatic testing of your DR site (like SureBackup in your primary site, but with many added tools and functionality, for example automatic reconfiguration of IPs (Re-IP))


Thank you for the reply Sebastian.

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