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Ron Shorts
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I'm having an issue opening a Word 2016 document in Protected View I was hoping for some expertise with.

When I try to open on local drive, I"m getting this error:
OS Not Configured
I then look at the properties and have the option to "Unblock" in the security settings as shown here:

    This does open in "Protected View" on another workstation I have but NOT in my VDI environment.

    • All policies are the same, and "Protected View is Enabled in both environments - therefore the issue is I cannot open in Protected view in my VDI environment - on LOCAL storage.

    • Note 1:  If I copy the file to One Drive, or Sharepoint online and open with either Word or Word online - I do not get the error and it opens without being in protected view.

    • The only real difference I have noticed is with "Trusted Publishers".

    1. On a workstation where it opens without issue in Protected view, here is what the Trusted Publishers looks like:
    2. trustedpublishersworking.JPG

    1. On my VDI, where this does NOT open in protected mode and errors out, this is what my Trusted Publishers looks like:
    2. trustedpublishersNOTWORKING.JPG

    Other than turning off protected mode in each app for 2016, is there a reason for this or other work-around or explanation?

    Thanks in advance experts!
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    Very likely it's the code signing certificate.
    Export the intermediate cert from a working system (and maybe the corresponding root certificate).

    Then import it on a test machine (each cert should go to the same store it was exported)
    If this fixes your problem you can import the certificates to your VDI machines via a machine Group Policy.

    In case opening the docs in protected mode bothers you add the path to the Trusted Sites in the Office policy.



    Thanks Michael!  

    Question, when you are saying add the path to the Trusted Sites in the Office Policy, are you talking about adding a path to the User Location in Trusted Locations in the Trust Center in Office?

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