Is it possible to set Tier at LUN levels on a Dell EMC ME4024storage

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We are replacing our virtual infrastructure  and  have procured Dell EMC ME4024 and PowerEdge R640 Server.
10x 1.8TB HDD 10K 512e SAS12 2.5
6x 1.92TB SSD SAS Read Intensive

We have hired an implementation engineer to setup this Storage.

Is it possible to set Tier at LUN levels ?

If this is possible, will it be a good idea to set up the First LUN  as SSD Tier , so that I can run SQL server application on it ( High performance application)
My SQL server VM size is 300Gb

And Second LUN as All Tier ( with Spinning disks) non-performance applications.

Also what raid levels i need to set up for the first LUN and second LUN?

Please suggest what is the best way of setting up this.

Any help and sugessions would be great!
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Tiering is where data blocks are moved from one set of drives to another by the storage depending on how often that data gets accessed. What you describe is not tiering but just two separate sets of disks with different LUNs on them. It is of course possible to do either, your way is simplest and works fine.

Just wondering how many servers you bought, if it is really just one then you could have used the internal drive bays instead of a SAN.


Hi Andy

I brought 2 xPowerEdge R640 Server.
1  Dell EMC ME4024 SAN
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Makes more sense than one server.

I would use RAID 5 for the SSDs and RAID 6 for the HDDs, alternatively you could use dynamic disk pools (a form of RAID 6 with a distributed spare,


Thanks Andy

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