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How can I disable add-on installs for Mozilla Firefox with Group Policy, but still allowing a specified whitelist of add-ons that are allowed?

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Last Modified: 2019-07-30
I'm looking for a way to effectively prevent add-on installs for Mozilla Firefox using Group Policy.  The two settings I've found (Computer Config/Administrative Templates/Mozilla/Firefox/Addons) are Allowed Sites and Allow add-on installs from websites.  If I configure the 'Allow add-on installs from websites' it blocks any add-on install, however I need to be able to specify certain add-ons that are allowed.  It doesn't seem to matter what I put in the 'Allowed Sites' GPO, if the 'Allow add-on installs from websites' is set to disabled.

Anyone had any luck with preventing add-on installs in Firefox, while still allowing a specified few?  The Chrome GPO templates make this super easy to manage.  Just wish Firefox was the same way.  I appreciate any help you can provide.  Thank you.
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