How to set up TIdUDPServer binding Programmatically

Roger Alcindor
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I am trying to set up a binding on an Indy 10 TIdUDPServer component with Embarcadero XE 10.1 Berlin  C++ builder

I As soon as the Bind() call is made, I get an error message as follows:

"Exception class EIdNotAsocket with message 'socket Error #10038' Socket Operation on non-socket."

How can I set up the binding ?

the following is my code:

	TIdSocketHandle *h;
	udpserver = new TIdUDPServer(NULL);
	udpserver->OnUDPRead = IdUDPServer1UDPRead;
	h = udpserver->Bindings->Add();
	h->Port = 791;
	h->IP   = "";

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Replace h->bind() to = true to start binding socket with udpserver. When you use Bindings.Add() you are aliocated a socket and bind this when is true.


Thanks for the comment.
I had forgotten, it was some time since I needed to program the bindings.

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