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I have been directed to deploy a group of chrome books (30 or more) by a certain date.  My knowledge is limited =)  My thought is to get a Google admin console (gsuite) to manage the chromebook devices only, not users.  Another unit in the company already manages google user accounts.  

If I do get a Google admin console, and just enroll chromebooks with it (not create user accounts), can I also:

1. push security and functionality updates to the devices?
2. manage a central repository of approved "google play" apps, or push apps onto the chromebooks from a console?
3. prevent any user that is logged in from changing settings, adding unapproved apps, or removing apps that I have installed?  

Thank you!!
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As a GSuite SuperAdmin, you would be allowed to do this.  If you are not given SuperAdmin rights, then any GSuite SuperAdmin can create an Admin role for you that will allow you to do all these things. Also, it will help for the SuperAdmin to create a sub OU in the Admin Console where you place all these Chromebooks in. Then you can apply whatever permissions needed on the Entire sub OU instead of each Chromebook individually.   Hope this helps!

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