looking to setup raid 5 on a RocketRAID 3740A

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Hi I am trying to setup a RocketRAID controller, its a 3740A.  I have three disks on it, and I created the raid 5 array, but it keeps saying it's not initialized.  Also I can't see the disk in the vmware installer.  I am familar with perc controllers, but not this rocket one.  

I clicked on the manual on their site, but it comes up that can't be displayed.  The unit only came with a sheet to download the manual, but it is the same link as on the site.


Question, how to I create a raid 5 array, or at least initialize it?

Thanks all.
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Is this controller in the HCL ?

Probably not as it's consumer, and not Enterprise.

I do not see the vendor listed here


So, does not really matter if you cannot initialise, if it's not support by ESXi.


Hi Andrew, I haven't gotten there yet, I even tried Windows 10 and it didn't see it either.  I think I finished the setup steps yet.


OK, I think thats it.   I'm going to replace it with an H740P and go back to the good old days.  I'll find a nice home for this controller though.

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