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We have an app running on IIS 8.5 which are KPI dashboards running SQL queries and displaying the results in a browser. We have an issue where the dashboards in general begin to slow down and eventually become useless. We have tested the SQL queries used in the dashboards directly against Oracle and they run fine with no delay. The only fix so far we have found is to run IISRESET. Once we run IISRESET, it begins to work again. We also test the same queries within our ERP system(Oracle backend) which the dashboards feed off from different PC's and they run fine. The issue is with IIS or the app itself. if it was the SQL query being too heavy, you would see a slow response time when ran directly in Oracle. we have gone through and set IIS to vendor and Microsoft recommendations including using recycling.

Aside from defects in the code of the app, Is there anything we are missing in IIS that may be causing the issue?
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My suggestion is to :
1. Check  that your antivirus program is not slowing down IIS.
2. See any warning/errors in Application' section of Event Viewer.
3. Check performance of both back end  and front end code.

For front end code use chrome debug tools and load your dashboard page, you need to check what is causing the delay eg. Javascript,  network, rendering.

For more info:

For backend, if you use VS, you can profile:

If more help need please post event messages (see 2) and any relevant performance items (see 3)

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