Phone number keeps spoofing

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Someone spoofing my number and calling another person with mortgage offerings and other services.  
The area codes and prefixes of my number and other recepient's number are always the same.  Last four digits are always different.  Both numbers are with AT&T carrier in US.

Anyone had experience how to deal with it?  
Any solution besides keep blocking them?  Can AT&T do something about it?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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You have to ask ATT to see if they can trace it.  There is nothing you can do on your own, except of course, if willing, change your phone number
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The technology to prevent spoofed caller-id is available to the telco's but it requires all of the carriers to agree on implementing it (fat chance).
Spoofing by itself is not illegal and has many advantages (showing common inbound number, protecting victims of abuse. and many more).
With VOIP is is as simple as pie to display any caller-id you want and unless you are doing it to commit fraud it is totally legal.
ATT probably is an innocent 3rd party the originator could be ANYWHERE in the world. So it's a catch-me-if-you-can.. Good luck prosecuting me and meeting the burden of proof.  Does my country have an extradition treaty with your country and are my police willing to arrest me for something that may not even be against the law in my country.

Carriers in the US make money blocking phone numbers or have limits on how many numbers can be blocked.
Reminds me of Equifax pushing fraud protection after their well publicized breach.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Truly, if this is a big deal for you (I had the same cell phone for near 20 years with no issues) then change your phone number
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

If the offender was calling you, then you could subscribe to one of the call blocking services.

But -- since the offender is calling somebody else and spoofing your number, there's not a thing you can do about it.

Supposedly, sometime next year the telcos will have a solution for this that defeats spoofing.  (SHAKEN / STIR) Whether it actually works will be something else, and it is probable that many telcos will decide to charge for this as an add-on extra.  But it won't stop robocalls; it'll just show where they come from more reliably.

Further, AT&T's response to the FCC SHAKEN / STIR letter is not promising.  Pleasant words were passed but no commitments were made.

In the meantime, I concur with John.  Get a different phone number, preferably in a different exchange.  But be prepared for the same problem to recur.
It's just like someone using your email address as the sender to send spam / viruses / spoofs to other email addresses. It is not ethical nor always legal but it happens. I would keep the same number (and email address, if it were an email issue) and write it off to you being the "lucky one" this round because ... what will you do when it happens again, change it again?

This too shall pass ...
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The area codes and prefixes of my number and other recepient's number are always the same

Neighbor spoofing has been pretty common these days as a trick to get people to answer calls.

Some would advise to sign up for the Do Not Call registry. I advise against it. While those who follow the rules may bother you less, those who opt not to have the numbers of those who don't want the calls. And with the rate of spoofed calls, how can you even properly report calls?

In terms of mobiles, Call Protect and Mobile Security are free from AT&T. It will flag or even block calls. There's also a Plus version available for $3.99/mo. I use the free version, it does its job. Not perfect, but better than nothing.

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