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hey there,  I have a page where I am using flip box elements on the page.  Using Visual Composer, columns, then flip box inside.
What I cannot seem to figure out is, how to give some bottom padding to the elements.  elements are overlapping the rows below. how can I get it so that, however big /long the text is, it will always push the below elements/rows down so they are not overlapping.

here is the page https://simmplylove.com/our-story/
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One of those containing div's can use the "clearfix" method?
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The problem is caused by a style on the innermost element setting the height to 200px. As the screen gets narrower the text is forced into a smaller space and overlaps the boundary of the container.

This seems to fix it
.vc-ihe-panel {
	height: unset !important;

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But I am not sure what side-effects this might have for the rest of the site - so you might need to refine the above bit to target the elements you are interested in.

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