xendesktop and chrome

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HI Experts

we have Citrix xendesktop
and some users need to use Google Chrome  but i dont want all users to use it

so i want to find a way to remove the icons from the task bar  

because we are using rooming profiles AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

i know that i use GPO to make APPlocker  but i want also to remove the icron for all users from task bar

any scritp or command can do this form me

kindly advice
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Senior Citrix Engineer
1. Remove that version - that's the "consumer" version that installs into the profile.
2. Install the Enterprise Version of Chrome.  It actually installs to Program Files or Program Files (x86).
3. There are also GPO objects for the enterprise version.
4. Remove the icon from \programdata\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs
5. You can use your Group Policy Preferences to add the icon for the users you want to have access
6. Secure the chrome directory and only allow the administrators and a security group to have access to the files.

I *believe* you can use the GPO settings for the enterprise bundle to keep regular users from installing Chrome into their profile.


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