Patching a Windows 2016 Virtual Server on VMware 6.7  without downtime.

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I was told, when we first purchased a virtual environment and had our servers moved to virtual using VMware 6.7, that the VMs and HOSTS could be patched/updated without any outages for the users.

From what I am reading, the HOSTS can be patched without any outages if I move all the VMs (while they are running???) on 1 HOST to another.  Then I can patch the HOST that does not have any VMs attached???

Also, the 'patching/updating' the VM is actually the VMware Client Tools that can be updated while the VM is functioning???

Is this correct?
Is there any way that I can patch ...say.... a Windows 2016 virtual Operating System without any outage if the Microsoft OS patch requires a reboot?
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RobertSystem Admin
Ill start with the Host patching.
if your running VMware update manager it makes the job easier. (as it will download the patches for you and allow easy deployment via vcenter.
Assuming you have enough capacity to run all your vm's on the other host you would move the VM's from the host you want to patch
to the other host. (you would migrate compute resources) once your guest are on the other host you would install your updates. (not all updates require reboots but some do)
After you patch move the guest back to the other host and repeat process for the remaining host. don't forget to put your host in maintenance mode to prevent servers from moving back while patching.

As for windows updates they are no different than if you were on physical hardware. you can use SCCM or WSUS to make the process easier but some patches will still require reboot.
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The guest system must be restarted after updates (that require a reboot).  Until you restart, the machine will be in an unstable state and will not be able to update anything else
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Thank you!
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You are very welcome and I was happy to help.

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