Account is being locked out by lsass.exe

Scott B
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process id for lsass.exe keeps locking out account
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Please give us more details, as much as you can, and including the following:

Has the system been fully and extensively scanned for viruses?  Has it been confirmed that the lsass.exe performing this action is the genuine Microsoft article and has not been subverted?  Which account, and is it user or administrator?  Is there anything in the event logs indicating why the account is being locked out?  Any changes to that account recently?  Has the password expired?  Did this issue start at the same time something else was done to the system?
Scott BDirector of IT


I apologize for the non-descriptive question.  I actually thought I was filling in a search, but it turns out I was actually asking a question.  The issue has been resolved.  Thanks for the quick response though!!
Director of IT
This issue ended up being resolved after finding an old password that needed to be updated for a program.

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